a classic italian stovetop expresso maker made from aluminum
a shot of the other side of the moka pot / expresson maker
a close up of the espresso maker / moka pot handle
a close up of the espresso maker / moka pot spout
a lifestyle image of the moka pot / espresso maker with some coffee

1 Cup Espresso Maker

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Make yourself a fresh and full-bodied espresso in minutes, using this classic Italian stovetop espresso maker.

This time-honoured espresso maker design makes a high quality brew by forcing high pressure water through ground coffee to infuse and produce an exceptional full bodied coffee flavour.

 Features a long lasting high temperature silicone gasket.

  • Size - 1 cup
  • Capacity - 60ml
  • Material - Aluminium
  • Handwash only
  • Suitable for all heat sources excluding induction