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Klimchi Azure Blue Hobnail Jug 2L

Klimchi Azure Blue Hobnail Jug 2L

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The colour of the sky is a recurring theme in many cultures. The French call it bleu céleste, heavenly blue; while in Hindi nīlākāśa, or simply sky-blue. We call it azure, and with this colour variation in our collection of all-purpose crystal bobble glass jugs, we aim to add a sense of calmness, and relaxation to every glass you pour as if you were to lie on your back and look into a bright blue infinitude of a cloudless sky.

This crystal glass jug can hold up to 2 litres of your favourite beverage, is lead-free and dishwasher safe.

Volume: 2000 ml • 67.6 oz

Diameter: 20 cm • 7.9 in

Height: 22 cm • 8.7 in

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