a red ombre oval shaped casserole pot with a matching lid
a side on shot of the casserole pot
a shot of the pot from above, showing off it's stainless steel handle
the beige interior of the pot
the dish on a kitchen counter with some garlic, shallots and a spaula

Le Creuset 23cm Signature Cast Iron Oval Casserole Dish - Cerise

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Made with Le Creuset's signature cast iron this casserole dish will help you in your kitchen for a lifetime. The cast iron also heats up evenly and stays hot so you can keep your food nice and warm.

The pot has an enamel coating for quick and easy cleaning.

The casserole pot is extremely versatile and can be used in ovens, grills, hobs, and induction. 

le Creuset has designed their knobs to be heat resistant and with their large side handles this pot is easy to move, from hob to oven to your dinner table.

The tight-fitting lid is great for keeping in moisture and enhancing the flavour of your cooking. 

Use a steady, low to medium heat to take care of your pot and enjoy delicious food.