a green glass double ended candle holder, candle stick holding end pointed up
a green glass double ended candle holder, tea light holding end facing up
the candle holders housing twisted candle sticks
the candle holders housing tea lights
the candle holders housing flower buds

Small Boho Green Glass Candle Holder

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The palest, most delicate apple green; this small glass candle holder provides just a kiss of colour to a beautiful spring evening.

A versatile design; this colourful piece can hold dinner candles or tealights and even serve as a bud vase depending on which way up you have it.

Place a few at intervals down the centre of your dining table or around the room at varying heights to create different levels of light.

  • Candle Holder Size: 7.5cm high. Holds 2cm candle depth and width or a standard tealight