a glass mug with a black plastic and stainless steel infuser and lid
the set being used to brew tea

YO-YO Mug & Tea Infuser Set

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The YO-YO mug & tea infuser set is perfect for when you want to enjoy a fresh cup of loose leaf tea, without having to brew a whole pot. 

The set includes a BPA-free tea strainer and lid to keeps your brew warm that also doubles up as a trivet to set your strainer on once it's removed. 

The mug is crafted from durable tempered glass you can watch your tea as it brews to the perfect strength. 

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Mug is microwave safe and oven safe
  • Capacity - 0.350 L
  • Dimensions - Width: 10.0cm, Height: 11.5cm